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Potential Is Universal, Opportunity Is Not

…we had to do something

A Scalable & Sustainable way to 

Break the Poverty Cycle



With a passion for helping others, our mission is to create a sustainable way of breaking the poverty cycle throughout the developing world by creating access to proper shelter, education, security, health, employment, and sports for development and peace. Education Model Towns does not only build homes, we build opportunity and hope.

Dirty Water

 Children die because they lack clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene.


1.2 billion people live without electricity

No Protection

Without a proper roof, families are exposed to rain and extreme weather

Poor Sanitation

2.6 Billion people lack basic sanitation. 

Close to one billion people live in slum or inadequate housing, where they lack both secure livelihoods with adequate incomes and secure housing with basic services. 
Eradicating poverty continues to be one of the main challenges of our time, and is a major concern of the international community. 
The current forms of aid available do little to break the cycle of poverty or instill
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